March has been a melancholy month, made up of mood swings, late nights with little sleep, and tired mornings. I’ve felt worn-out: drained from school and the distance between Joshua and I. The mixed-up weather (wild thunderstorms, rainy days and cold mornings, followed by heat waves) has matched my erratic mood. Amongst the madness, here are a few of the things I’ve been loving.


Love. This Netflix Original series is an unflinching, hilarious and excruciatingly honest take on modern relationships. Good-guy Gus and wild-child Mickey are simultaneously the most loveable and infuriating people. They are flawed, and that’s what makes them so real. I binge-watched this so fast, and whilst Season 2 left me a little heartbroken, I’m anxiously awaiting Season 3. (Beware of sex, drugs and coarse language).


Shakespeare in the Park. I study Literature at school, and my class was lucky enough to travel to Melbourne for the night to witness a live outdoor production of Twelfth Night in the Royal Botanic Gardens. There’s nothing better than watching Shakespeare come to life: especially his comedies. My friends and I were in stitches, and I feel the way the actors interacted so personally with the crowd is only capable in such small intimate settings.  
Writing letters. I wrote my lover a letter and mailed it secretly to his house, so he could open it on his birthday and read it. Even though I couldn’t be with him, he could hold a manifestation of my love in his hands, and there aren’t many things more beautiful than that. Letter-writing is an art. Don’t let it disappear.
Poetry readings. I attended my first poetry reading this month, and it’s truly something I would recommend to everyone. You can read all about my experience, as well as advice to write and speak your own poetry, in my previous blog post here.


Changes – David Bowie
Layla – Derek & The Dominos
What Makes You Think You’re The One – Fleetwood Mac
Rooms On Fire – Stevie Nicks
Dancing In The Dark – Bruce Springsteen
Play The Game – Queen
Whistle For The Choir – The Fratellis
Sex And Candy – Marcy Playground
I Want You – The Kooks
Porcelain – Red Hot Chili Peppers


Sadly, I’ve had scant time to read this month. This, however, has lead me to a beautiful and succinct art form – poetry. I carry a collection of poetry with me wherever I go, meaning that if I’m sitting on the bus, or have a spare minute before an appointment, I can whip it out and indulge myself in another world for just a moment. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite poems and poetry collections.
To This Day – Shane Koyczan
Daddy – Sylvia Plath
Mornings With You – Lang Leav
somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond – e. e. cummings
Milk & Honey – Rupi Kaur
7,300 Days – Isabella Mente
Ariel – Sylvia Plath
Love & Misadventure – Lang Leav


@grettaray Since Gretta released her new single ‘Towers’ this month she is well-deserving of a mention. A recently discovered Aussie talent, her deep dreamy vocals and poetic lyrics mingle to combine beautifully complex songs. Listen to ‘Drive’ on Spotify, and never look back.
@liberty.mai Libby hails from Bristol in the UK, and is not so much a ray of sunshine, as she is a rainbow. The colours in her feed, and her eclectic vintage inspired style is an endless source of fashion inspiration.
@stealthespotlight Katie, known particularly for her YouTube channel Steal the Spotlight, is my favourite fashion blogger. Not only is she an Aussie, but she manages to pull off every style – whether it be vintage, high-fashion, or 90s inspired. She oozes self-confidence and encourages her followers to never be afraid to make a bold choice. 


Vegan ice-cream. I’ve become addicted… So Good by Sanitarium hands-down produces the best vegan ice-cream. The 500ml salted caramel and almond flavour has definitely been my most loved late-night companion this month.
Buckwheat pancakes. To continue with the food theme, I have to mention pancakes. My friend and I attempted to cook vegan pancakes last month and the results were disastrous. Thank you, Saint Monday, for making me realise good vegan pancakes do exist.
The zero-waste lifestyle. It’s no secret that our world is environmentally in trouble. This month has increased my awareness of the dangers of plastic drastically. It only takes a little bit of research, and a small conscious effort, to reduce our daily impact, and help save the earth.
Maxi skirts. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can never go wrong with a maxi.
Podcasts. They are honestly the handiest little ways to learn. Personally, I utilise the plethora of podcasts on the internet to study biology (if you’re a VCE bio student like me, give these a listen). However, the options are endless.
Squid Doctors. These boys make me so happy (admittedly, yes, one is my boyfriend). They’re so fucking talented and the energy they give off during their live shows is electric. Chuck ’em a follow for some good times.