May: Late nights tucked in bed, hot chocolate and book in hand. Morning kisses, half awake and  half asleep. Rain dripping down window panes, and grey skies filled with rainbows.


Seinfeld. I’m a Friends fanatic, and my Dad has been trying to convert me to Seinfeld. Let’s be real, Dad and Jerry are practically the same age, and whilst I have made it all the way to season 3, nothing beats Friends for me.

Freya Hayley. Freya’s entire social media presence is divine, from her Instagram to her blog to her YouTube channel. Binge watch her videos when in the need of a beautiful, artistic 70s themed hit.


Here’s a pleasant surpise: Studying! School has been a large focus for me this month. It’s my final year of high school and the motivation to do my best has left me energised and prepared to complete all homework, and go above and beyond what is required of me in class. Trust me: there’s nothing better than seeing your hard work pay off! This month I got 100% on an English essay and it’s an incredible feeling.


Birthdays – The Smith Street Band
Jackie And Wilson – Hozier
Friday I’m In Love – The Strokes
Who Can It Be Now? – Men at Work
Last Kiss – Pearl Jam
Look What You’ve Done – Jet
Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley & The Wailers
With Or Without You – U2
Romeo And Juliet – Dire Straits


1984. -Yes, it’s a school requirement, but it’s not my first read either. I enjoyed the pleasure of George Orwell last year when his books were some of the only English novels in an Italian library. If you haven’t read 1984 or Animal Farm yet, you’re missing out.

This poem by Rupi Kaur:


@caylangk One of my favourite artists. Caytlan is a young Aussie freelance photographer and student. Her blog offers the perfect balance of awe-inspiring words and photos.

@themessyheads The one blog every female needs to follow, curated by Emma Mercury and Cybelle Alexis. Their posts have been spot on this month. Especially this one by Emma, about how ‘disconnecting’ is maybe the key to actually connecting: with people, life, the real world around us.


Joshua! ‘It really is one of the greatest things ever, sleeping with you in the same bed.’ My love for this boy is indescribable, and I know it is reciprocated. A single kiss, hug, or call with him leaves me glowing from the inside out. 

Hot chips. Combined with fluffy socks, they’re honestly the only way to combat the winter cold. Deep fried and coated with salt, fresh from the fish and chip shop, they keep my hands warm on the blistery walk back to the car. 

Fauna the Label. I have bought too many adorable handmade pieces off this angel. Yet in saying that – I can never get enough. I love supporting small local businesses, and watching young women flourish as creators, designers and entrepreneurs.

(Faux) leather jackets. My staple piece for this month. Dress up with fishnets and boots, casual with jeans and a sweater, or with a vintage floral maxi.