a boy
who i can wake up with
between the sheets
on a monday morning
and not just go to bed with
in the heat of a
saturday evening

a boy
whose hands traverse
the mountains
of my body
lying naked under blankets
in the cool june morning

whose lips
meet my forehead
on a souvenir picnic blanket
that he bought just for us
and organised
where we could take it

a boy
who stares into my eyes
when theyโ€™re clear of
thick mascara curtains
and compares them to the sky
without clouds
and calls me his favourite person

who kisses me
in the sunshine by the lake
where everyone can see
despite his shyness
and the coolness
of my hands
upon his blushing cheek

he is a boy
who loves
like wesley loves buttercup
as you wish
heโ€™ll place a kiss
anywhere i please

a boy
who believes that life lies
in the depths
of my eyes
and will do everything he can
to keep this love
on fire